How do the side airbags work on Ford F-150

The side airbags on Ford F-150 are on the outermost side of the seat backrests of the front seats.

Side airbag location on 14th gen Ford F-150 – (photo by Ford)

The side airbags on F-150 will inflat in certain sideways crashes or rollovers. The airbag was designed to inflate between the door panel and occupant to further enhance the protection provided to occupants in side impact crashes.

The side airbags unfold within 20 milliseconds between the seat and the door panel and are intended to reduce the risk of injury to the upper body by supporting the occupant extensively on the chest and pelvis and relieving the stomach area.

The system consists of the following:

  • A label or embossed side panel indicating that side airbags are fitted to your vehicle.
  • Side airbags inside the driver and front passenger seat backrests.
  • Crash sensors and monitoring system with readiness indicator.
Author: Nabeel K

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