Honda E only does 60 miles before needing a recharge

The production version of Honda E has been debuted in Europe with advertised WLTP driving range of 137 miles, but it turns out the tiny 35.5 kWh battery pack can only provide enough juice for about 60-70 miles of range in real world conditions before you’re forced to find a charging station.

The company disclosed last week that Honda E will be launched in Europe initially with battery range of 137 miles, producing up to 152 hp and 232 lb-ft torque. The official range figure is far from impressive, but to add fuel to the fire, according to a review posted by Engadget on Youtube, the battery range dropped from 100 percent to 23 percent after just 60 miles of driving.

The person reviewing the car says “the WLTP electric range for this car is a hundred and thirty seven miles, so the EPA rating is going to be lower than that. After our 60 mile or so trip with some spirit of driving, we were down to about a 20 percent

The starting price of Honda E is €33,470 in Germany which is equivalent to about $37,000 at current exchange rate, that’s ultra expensive for what it has to offer. Its American rival Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000 with EPA range of 220 miles, 340 horsepower and 330 pound feet of torque, a bargain compared to Honda.

Honda E features a revolutionary interior though, the most prominent aspect is its five screens stacked side by side on the dashboard from one end to the other. There are no side-mirrors in this vehicle, instead two screens are dedicated for displaying feed from external cameras mounted on front doors.

The rear-view mirror is also a screen that displays feed from rear view camera, but you can switch to normal mirror if you desire. It also comes with Honda Sensing semi-autonomous driving assist. But all this fancy stuff fades behind its abysmal range and exorbitant price.

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