Holiday travelers facing intense snowstorms, Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas

A series of storms are hitting as millions of people are traveling for the holidays. A fifty vehicle pileup was seen in west Denver.

Over fifty cars pileup in Denver and at least two people lost their lives in road accidents in Kansas. These western storms are hitting the east this weekend, but two more storms are expected to hit next week. This storm is part of the same system that brought hailstorm in the desert in Arizona.

Millions of people are traveling on roads in preparation for the holidays. What they were not expecting was bone chilling cold and car disabling snowstorm. Colorado Springs is one of the worst hit as drivers are stranded on the side of the roads and waiting for the weather to calm down. All kind of vehicles have been seen skidding on the roads including semi trucks. Snowplows are out in full force clearing the roads.

In west Denver, fifty vehicles were involved in a pileup Thursday night. Troopers are warning drivers to take extra precaution while driving in harsh weather condition. In north west Wichita, a middle aged school teacher lost his life in a crash.

Forecast Friday 7 AM

AAA says that the worst time to travel is on Wednesday. In some cities your commute time can increase by three times, it could take ever longer with multiple storms in the forecast.

Forecast Saturday 10 PM

The storm could create more difficulties for drivers in Ohio as well. The storm is expected to move from Gulf of Mexico to Atlanta by tomorrow morning, and to New York by Saturday night. On Sunday, it will stall on New York and snowfall is expected.

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