Groupe PSA begins the development of a new automatic double-clutch gearbox for its hybrids

It will become the successor to the EAT6 box thanks to joint development with the Punch Powertrain company.

Manual transmissions have been losing ground within the industry, and although purists may not like this, in a short time we will see a series of evolutions and new developments of automatic gearboxes, which can increasingly streamline the response of the range of current engines.

Recall that it was in 2015 when Peugeot unveiled the new EAT6 (Efficient Automatic Transmission) transmission, a six-ratio box that would be used in various models of the PSA group. This was valued for its efficiency and smoothness to change, but it no longer seems to be sufficient for the demands of today’s mobility.

For this reason PSA has given way to the development of a new transmission with dual-clutch technology, just as the most important manufacturers do with their top-of-the-range or high-performance models.

In order to continue with its electrification plan, Peugeot will have this new transmission developed jointly with the company Punch Powertrain, under the name DT2, which intends to be equipped in future hybrid and Mild Hybrid models of the conglomerate. This means that not only will the lion brand make use of it, but it can also be shared with brands such as Citröen, DS, Opel and Vauxhall belonging to the group. We still do not know if, after the recent alliance with FCA, the French conglomerate also shares this technology, so we will have to wait for its launch to obtain more information about it.

It is worth noting that Punch had already collaborated with PSA, in the manufacture of a six-speed automatic transmission for his Landtrek truck.

PSA’s new DT2 transmission will be able to incorporate an electric motor, making it the first in the world to do so and the ideal one to be equipped in models with a hybrid system, without neglecting future plug-in hybrid versions (PHEV) that are already they are on their way.

After the collaboration of both companies in said development, it will also give way to the formation of a joint company, where the French conglomerate will have a participation of 61% of the shares, while the remaining 39% will belong to Punch Powertrain, according to a communication issued by the manufacturer.

This new joint venture will spearhead the industrialization of our next generation of transmissions for PSA Group hybrid vehicles and other automakers around the world.

PSA Group

Nothing has been mentioned about the EAT8 transmission that also uses the brand, which means PSA will keep it as an option.

Author: Nabeel K

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