Google deletes 3,000+ articles over bogus DMCA notice

The rampant abuse of DMCA law is well known. In the latest, Google deletes over 3,000 articles of WheelsJoint from its search results, including the Tesla market research article featured on Forbes, Teslarati, InsideEVs and many other media websites.

Google removed over 3,000 pages (almost all articles published on this website) from its search engine after receiving 4 DMCA notices by “”, a website that does not exist.

DMCA notices:

The notices are written in unprofessional language:

Hi Our blog has been completely copied by another site. All content and images were stolen and posted at Below we provide all the urls of our site and the urls where the stolen content was posted. Please remove all content that violates our rights.”

We believe that the scammer may have temporality mirrored our website on his domain name and then took it down after Google processed the DMCA notices and removed our website.

The domain “” is registered and hosted at 1&1 IONOS. We reported the abuse to the service provider, but so far have not received a reply.

The cherry on top: Google disables ad serving
Since we are enrolled in Google Adsense program, Google has disabled ad serving on all the articles removed from the search engine, leaving our website without any revenue.

Google makes it difficult to submit counter notices
Submitting DMCA takedown notices for thousands of URLs to Google is easier than you think. You just have to fill out a DMCA form available on Google’s website and you can include 1000 URLs in each notice. The form includes a text field which accepts 1000 URLs at once.

But if you want to submit a counter DMCA notice, you have to submit one URL at a time. Submitting over 3,000 URLs took us over 15 hours – while it would have taken the scammer a few minutes to submit those URLs.

It has been 3 days since we submitted counter notices to Google and we have not yet received a reply.

Author: Nabeel K

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1 month ago

There is exact replica of your site on registered and hosted with a Ukranian company a few days ago. Looks like a planned move to hijack your website.

1 month ago

Yea, DMCA has become a joke these days. But it doesn’t affect the tech giants, so it won’t be changed.

1 month ago

The problem is they deindex those pages from search engine. Don’t worry everything will be alright after some time. Wish you the best I think you can try changing urls silos and reindex everything. But don’t do that now be patient. At least 2 weeks.

19 days ago

It must be automated removal. Google doesn’t even have customer support, why would they be reading millions of DMCA notices?