General Motors resumes car production in Rosario, Argentina

The General Motors automaker will restart production at its factory in Santa Fe, where it produces the Chevrolet Cruze, after having been closed for more than three months, both as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and a suspension plan that the subsidiary of the The US automaker had agreed a long time ago with the union Smata, as a result of the fall in demand from both Argentina and Brazil.

The entrance to the General Motors factory, in the Santa Fe town of General Alvear. – (photo by GM)

General Motors’ is the seventh reopening of a vehicle factory after the quarantine shutdown. As did Fiat, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot Citroen PSA. “We will be training all the personnel that enter our industrial park to guarantee their work in the resumption of our production,” said Federico Ovejero, Vice President of General Motors South America Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

As already happened with several of the automotive terminals since last month, the restart of operations within the factory located in the town of General Alvear, on the outskirts of Rosario, will be gradually and in a single shift to produce the Chevrolet Cruze for the Argentine market and mainly the export markets, which include Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The company also confirmed the progress of the investment of 300 million dollars to launch a new SUV-type vehicle from 2021. “In the last quarter of the year, the works for this investment are resumed,” company sources said.

Claudio Vulcano, the director of the plant, assured that the implemented protocols “shared with the SMATA union with whom they work jointly through the Joint Committee on Hygiene and Safety.”

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