General Motors discontinue ARĪV e-bike in Europe

The Ariv e-bikes from General Motors were introduced last year. Despite all efforts, the corona crisis of micromobility from the USA is thwarting the plan and is now being ended.

ARĪV e-bike – photo: GM

As the magazine “The Verge” reports, the ARĪV e-bikes were not so badly accepted by the market and were able to inspire quite a few people, including experts. The pressure to save due to the corona crisis and the low earnings on the products of micromobility ultimately led to the fact that the brand was nevertheless phased out.

The ARĪV e-bikes would still have given great insights into micromobility and would also be used for future projects, as GMs innovation manager Brian Tossan says. At the moment, the decision of the management seems illogical, because due to the pandemic, the demand for e-bikes has increased significantly and has already led to record sales for some manufacturers. We will see if and when GM dares to tackle this niche again.

In addition to GM, there are other car manufacturers in the e-bike segment. BMW has a new Brose-powered pedelec for 2020, the Jeep brand recently announced an e-mountain bike and Harley Davidson has also shown its new e-bikes at numerous trade fairs last year.

Author: Nabeel K

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