Further projects approved for Ford and Volkswagen ‘global alliance’ – cooperation in areas of electrification and light commercial vehicles

Landmark for global cooperation between Ford and Volkswagen: The Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG has approved further projects of the global alliance with the Ford Motor Company formed last year.

(photo by VW)

The corresponding contracts between the two parties are therefore about to be concluded and are to be signed shortly. The plans envisage that in the first step three projects in the areas of electrification and light commercial vehicles will be realized. The global Ford – Volkswagen alliance does not envisage capital integration between the two manufacturers and is intended to create far-reaching efficiencies every year.

Subject to contractual stipulations, the agreements include the following projects:

  • The modular electric drive system (MEB) from Volkswagen is used by Ford for an electric model in Europe.
  • Ford is developing a medium-sized pick-up that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will adapt accordingly in selected markets.
  • In the other two vehicle projects, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is responsible for the development of a city delivery van, while Ford is responsible for planning a van in the one-tonne segment.

Further projects are to follow, such as the investment in Argo AI, a company that specializes in software platforms for autonomous driving. By working together, both companies want to bring new technologies and innovations to the market faster and utilize their plants more efficiently.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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