Ford Fiesta Van now comes in an electrified version

Ford is adding a new electrified version to the Fiesta Van range with an EcoBoost Hybrid model which introduces light hybridization technology for professionals looking for a light commercial vehicle.

2020 Ford Fiesta Van hybrid – (photo by Ford)

Equipped with the Ford EcoBoost Hybrid (mHEV) engine, the new Fiesta Van is designed to combine performance, economy and driving pleasure.

Introduced for the first time on the Puma SUV in late 2019, Ford EcoBoost Hybrid technology is now also available on the Fiesta Van. This light hybridization combines an EcoBoost petrol engine, an 11.5 kW alternator-starter and a 48V battery which is recharged during deceleration and braking, to then provide electrical assistance during acceleration and reduce fuel consumption.

The Ford EcoBoost Hybrid 1.0l 125 hp engine offers an alternative of choice for professionals who want a gasoline vehicle with optimized consumption, without reducing either the loading area by 1.0 m³ or the payload by 531 kg.

The Fiesta Van EcoBoost Hybrid engine has technology similar to that introduced in 2019 in the Transit Custom EcoBlue Hybrid, voted “Utility of the Year 2020”.

Up to 6% additional energy efficiency

Thanks to this hybrid technology, the Fiesta Van displays emissions from 93 g / km NEDC (115 g / km WLTP) and consumption from 4.1 l / 100 km NEDC (from 5.1 l / 100 km WLTP). The Fiesta Van’s 125 hp EcoBoost Hybrid engine allows up to 6% savings compared to the traditional EcoBoost engine.

The alternator-starter also allows the Auto Stop & Start technology of the Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid to operate in a greater number of scenarios for even more significant fuel savings including when the vehicle is traveling at less than 25 km / h and even when the clutch pedal is depressed.

The Fiesta Van EcoBoost Hybrid is available in Trend and Sport finishes and replaces the TDCi engine of 1.5l and 85 hp. A non-hybrid version of 125 PS 1.0l EcoBoost with six-speed manual transmission is also available, with consumption from 4.2 l / 100 km and emissions of 97 g / km of CO2 NEDC (5.1 l / 100 km and 117 g / km WLTP).


Inside the Fiesta Van EcoBoost Hybrid, drivers using mobile devices can plan routes or track deliveries thanks to compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™, included for free in the latest version of the SYNC multimedia system (3.2), standard. WiFi is available on board thanks to the FordPass Connect modem, making it easy to create a WiFi hotspot.

New driver assistance technologies such as the collision prevention system, cross-traffic alert with active braking and the lane-keeping system that can help the driver avoid or mitigate the effects of collisions with other vehicles, but also with pedestrians or cyclists. Adaptive cruise control with recognition of traffic signs is also part of Fiesta Van, a technology that allows the speed of the vehicle to be adjusted according to legal limits.

The new Fiesta Van EcoBoost Hybrid, available to order this summer, joins Ford’s wide range of mHEV hybrid and PHEV plug-in hybrid utility vehicles. In 2019, Ford also launched the Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom EcoBlue Hybrid (mHEV) versions, in addition to the Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom rechargeable hybrid (PHEV) range.

Author: Nabeel K

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