Ford F-150 plug-in hybrid rumored having 10 miles battery range

When Elon Musk introduced his futuristic Tesla Cybertruck to the world, Ford certainly didn’t stand by. The king of American pick-ups immediately responded with a fully electric F-150 pulling up 1 million pounds rail cars, but now the PHEV version is also in the works.

Ford F-150 EV pulling 1 million pounds rail cars

For those who still do not know, since the automotive market is already full, PHEV indicates a plug-in hybrid car, which therefore has: a main internal combustion engine, a secondary electric motor, a small battery for a short 100% EV only drive, zero emissions. Well, the new plug-in hybrid F-150 will also have a short range: the rumors speak of about 16 km or 10 miles.

To write it was Car And Driver, who used an unclear formula to tell the truth. The electric range will probably exceed 10 miles, unloaded. The same car will offer its customers a V6 Turbo thermal engine and a 10-speed automatic gearbox, an engine that will certainly be predominant in 99% of occasions.

Who would go electric with a range of just 10 miles? Even the Ferrari SF90 Stradale has better range: with all its power and its three electric motors, in any case, it reaches 25 km that can be traveled with zero emissions. On average, the new PHEVs offer between 40 and 60 km, could Ford have failed to do better? We’ll see what the official data will say.

Author: Nabeel K

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