Ferrari F1 wants to cut Sebastian Vettel’s pay for next deal

Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel have begun negotiations for a contract after 2021, but Italian media have reported that the terms offered by Ferrari were not good.

After winning four titles in Red Bull, Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015, and their current contracts are by the end of 2020. Sky Italia reported that negotiations for a contract for the next season has begun, with the start of the season being postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus infection.

Ferrari has already signed a contract with Charles Leclerc by the end of 2024, and is considering whether to leave his teammates as they are or to hire new drivers.

Ferrari F1 team principal Mattia Binotto repeatedly states that the first option is Vettel. However, according to Sky Italia, the terms Ferrari has offered to Vettel this time are far less favorable to Vettel than the terms of the 2017 renewal agreement.

In 2017, it was said that the condition was a three-year extension from 2018 and a salary of 100 million euros, but this time only an extension of one year, and the salary is greatly reduced, Sky Italia reported.

In 2019, Vettel lost to his teammate Leclerc. Leclerc finished fourth with two wins and seven pole positions, while Vettel finished fifth with one win and two pole positions. It is thought that it has influenced the conditions presented by Ferrari.

Vettel has to decide whether to stay at Ferrari or leave the team, depending on the conditions of the team. Ferrari allegedly considers Daniel Ricciardo, competing in Formula One for the Renault F1 Team.

If Vettel outperforms Leclerc in the 2020 season, Ferrari may be able to review conditions, but unfortunately for Vettel, it is uncertain when this season will start. At this time it is confirmed that the season will not start until mid-June, and the schedule will depend on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Vettel may have to negotiate without a chance to perform well.

Vettel, now 32, has repeatedly denied speculation about his retirement from Formula One.

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