Every third person in Germany would switch to e-mobility

Only three percent of cars in Germany fill up with electricity. Other countries are already further along, as a new study shows.

More environmentally friendly, cheaper, healthier – with this triad as a model, the EU is driving the transport transition. If the confederation of states wants to succeed with its “Green Deal”, it must be changed on the streets of Europe.

Because the goal is to create a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Electric mobility should help. The individual member states rely on bonuses and tax breaks in order to create incentives for switching to electric cars. The pace is different.

While eight percent of cars in the Netherlands fill up with electricity, it is only three percent in Germany, according to a study by EV-Box, a manufacturer of charging solutions based in Amsterdam.

EV-Box recently determined in six European countries how important it is for people that the government puts environmental protection in the foreground and acts accordingly. In addition to Norway and Great Britain, who dropped out of the EU, they included Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

On average, 63 percent of the general population are in favor of an environmental protection policy. The proportion of e-car drivers is slightly higher at 75 percent. When it comes to the question of whether CO2 emissions in road traffic need to be reduced, the approval values ​​are also at a high level: 62 and 75 percent.

Opinions differ more specifically on the EU’s Green Deal. In Germany, only 48 percent of the population as a whole consider this to be beneficial, 36 percent are against it.

The judgment of the electric car drivers is much more positive. Among them, the EU finds 69 percent supporters of its course in this country. It can be assumed that climate policy will tend to gain further support. 36 percent of Germans can imagine switching to e-mobility. A return to the combustion engine is only conceivable for 13 percent of e-car drivers.

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