EU Commission wants to rebuild auto industry faster

According to a media report, a European expansion program after the Corona crisis is expected to accelerate the climate-friendly conversion of the auto industry with more than 100 billion euros and at the same time initiate a “renaissance of the railways”.

The Funke media group’s newspapers report that 40 to 60 billion euros could be mobilized for the development of emission-free car drives, citing plans from the closer management of the EU Commission. In addition, a double-digit billion amount should be invested in around two million charging stations, especially for electric cars. According to this, a further 40 billion euros will be invested in a rail investment package, which should primarily focus on the expansion of important rail corridors.

According to the report, dispute threatens because of the planned project to support the purchase of new, “clean” cars with around 20 billion euros within the next two years. Leading top managers in the European automotive industry urged this at a meeting with EU commissioners and referred to the dramatic drop in sales due to the coronavirus crisis. However, the draft from the Commission speaks only of clever incentives that could trigger a surge in demand for clean vehicles.

Green European politician Sven Giegold warns of purchase bonuses. This would contradict the principle of giving public money for additional public services, the spokesman for the German Greens told the Funke newspapers in the EU Parliament.

“If expensive purchase incentives are considered, the subsidized cars must actually be considerably more environmentally and climate-friendly than the legal standards.”

Author: Nabeel K

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