Entrepreneur in Canada prepares dating app just for Tesla owners

For many owners, their Tesla is not just a fast electric car, but an expression of a lifestyle with conscious consumption, fun with technology and, if desired , deep admiration for the ambitious and unconventional CEO Elon Musk.

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Perhaps because of this personal element, there are many women among the Tesla and Musk admirers on Twitter, although the electric cars themselves are predominantly driven by men.

A well-known observer recently complained that dating men without Tesla no longer makes sense to her – and a Canadian entrepreneur is now looking into whether such special needs could be turned into a business.

Die lonely as a Tesla driver

She had just been on a date, reported last week on Twitter @kimpaquette, owner of a Model 3 Performance according to her profile. But the partner candidate did not own a Tesla, and that is an issue for them that greatly limits the pool in question. A man from the group advised that it would be better to die lonely than without a partner Tesla.

Hopefully all of this was only taken half seriously – and the same could apply to a new dating app exclusively for verified Tesla owners, which several media outlets reported shortly afterwards. An entrepreneur from Canada noticed that owning a Tesla often becomes part of the identity of (female and male) customers. As a result, they would have many common values ​​and would naturally adore CEO Musk. So the Canadian is now collecting prospects for pure Tesla dating on a website.

As he told TheNextWeb and can be seen on the website, this could be followed by an app. Some sample profiles and conversations in the upcoming service are already shown there. Mia, 28, introduces herself as the owner of a Tesla Model 3, in a chat. Natalie (blue Tesla Model X) and a nameless man quickly agree to get to know each other better via video. A formulation on the web, however, raises doubts about the seriousness of the intentions behind it: Tesla Dating is an “exclusive community for like-minded Elon Stans”, it says. The English word “stan” was coined by the rapper Eminem and is a mixture of stalker and fan, so not very nice.

Are you serious about Tesla dating?

TheNextWeb therefore assumes that the alleged app for dating with Teslas is only satire – and took the opportunity to pour out a lot of mischief about people who would be interested in such a service. Other reports took the project more seriously, especially as the founder said that if there was enough demand, he might actually get the app out. In any case, the Tesla driver @kimpaquette was very pleased about a reference to the special service for her own kind on Twitter.

Author: Nabeel K
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