€10,000 electric bonus for the Renault Zoe, €7,500 bonus for the Renault Captur plug-in hybrid

Electric mobility has never been so cheap: From now on, private customers will receive a 10,000 euro Renault electric bonus when they buy a new, electric Renault ZOE. The new Renault Captur plug-in hybrid has a premium of 7,500 euros. Ordering from the dealer is now possible. A large number of ZOE are immediately available in the Renault dealer network.

2020 Renault Zoe – (photo by Renault)

Renault’s €10,000 electric bonus is made up of the Federal Government’s Department of Economic Affairs and Export Control’s environmental bonus, which was increased to €6,100 in accordance with the Federal Government’s decision (BAFA premium including AVAS subsidy) and the Renault grant, which has now been increased to €3,900. The Federal Ministry of Economics will define the funding details for the 6,000 euros federal grant, in particular from which approval date this will apply. There is also a 10,000 euro premium for the electric Kangoo. The €7,500 bonus for the new, electrified Captur plug-in hybrid also consists of BAFA funding and the Renault top-up.

“As the electrical market leader in Germany, we are once again sending out a strong signal for more electromobility – our customers will now benefit from an electrical bonus of €10,000 for the ZOE and the Kangoo ZE and a €7,500 bonus for the Captur plug-in hybrid,” says Renault Deutschland Chef Uwe Hochgeschurtz. “The entry into e-mobility has never been cheaper than now,” says Hochgeschurtz.

The recently heavily renewed Renault ZOE is now available including the battery and 10,000 euros in electric bonus from 19,990 euros (gross). If the battery is rented (monthly rental rates from 74 euros), the starting price after deducting the electrical bonus is 11,900 euros. With 9,431 registrations, the Renault ZOE was again Germany’s best-selling electric car in 2019. Up to 395 kilometers range in the WLTP test cycle, more charging flexibility and innovative technologies make the electric car bestseller more attractive than ever.

For the Kangoo ZE electric delivery van, the entry price (with battery purchase) drops to EUR 18,575 net (EUR 22,105 gross) due to the €10,000 premium.

The premium for the new Captur plug-in hybrid, which has been increased to €7,500, is also more attractive than ever. The vehicle always starts in electric mode and has a purely electric range of up to 65 kilometers in city traffic (according to the city cycle according to WLTP). The plug-in system consists of a 1.6 liter petrol engine, two electric motors, an innovative multi-mode automatic transmission and a battery with 9.8 kWh capacity. The battery can be charged at the socket or at a charging station. The Captur plug-in hybrid makes its debut on the German market this summer and can already be ordered. Taking into account the increased premium, the starting price for the new Captur plug-in hybrid (in the INTENS version) is only EUR 26,100 (gross).

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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