DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum takes part in the “International Museum Day 2020” digitally

The DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin will take part in “International Museum Day 2020” for the first time on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Due to the current situation, the campaign day will take place digitally this year. Interested parties can click through the offers of over 500 participating museums with a click of the mouse. DRIVE takes part in a virtual tour of the current exhibition “START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC”. This gives visitors the opportunity to discover technological highlights and learn more about electromobility.

picture credit: Volkswagen

The current exhibition in the DRIVE shows over 50 exhibits that provide visitors of all ages with generally understandable access to the subject of electromobility. “START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC” answers questions such as where the electricity comes from, where electric vehicles can be charged and what the options are for sustainable automotive design.

“For the first time, we are pleased to be part of this international day of action and thus the diverse exhibition and museum landscape,” says Liane Scheinert, head of DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forums. “It shows that creativity is required in this special time in order to make the relevant topics accessible to those interested from home.”

For this reason, DRIVE is also expanding its digital offering: First, in the form of a guided tour of the exhibition. Virtual talk formats, interviews, music events and interactive discussion groups are also being planned. Interested parties from home and abroad are able to participate digitally in all formats. Anyone who lives in Berlin and the surrounding area has been able to visit the Group representative again since Monday, May 11, 2020, book conference rooms and browse the shop for model vehicles. The house is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


In May 2015, Volkswagen opened an exhibition house with the DRIVE, which, after extensive renovations, brings all of the Group’s brands together under one roof in the heart of Berlin. Since then, DRIVE on the corner of Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse has presented hands-on automotive innovations. Visitors can find out here how corporate brands such as Volkswagen, Audi or Porsche deal with the topics of the environment, sustainability, technology, alternative drives and design.

The current exhibition “START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC” is transformative: Various aspects relating to the mobility of the future will be added and brand focus will be set over the exhibition period. The DRIVE accompanies the exhibition with thematic series of events from after-work discussions, lectures, panel discussions and workshops. Interested parties can visit the exhibition free of charge every day from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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