Does Toyota Fortuner have rain sensing windshield wipers?

Toyota Fortuner, a mid-size SUV, is equipped with a range of advanced safety and convenience features designed to enhance the driver’s experience and improve road safety. In this article, we will explore how the Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers work and are they available in Fortuner?

Toyota Fortuner second generation.

How rain sensing wipers work

Rain sensing wipers are a technology that uses sensors to detect the presence of rain or moisture on the windshield and automatically activates the wipers to maintain clear visibility for the driver. The technology has become a standard feature in many modern cars.

The rain sensing wiper system works by using a sensor mounted on the windshield that emits an infrared light beam. When raindrops or other moisture come into contact with the windshield, they cause the beam to reflect differently, indicating the presence of rain or moisture.

The sensor sends this information to a control unit that analyzes the data and determines the intensity of the rainfall. Based on the intensity of the rain, the control unit calculates the appropriate speed and frequency for the wipers to maintain clear visibility.

Sensors mounted on the windshield detect presence of water droplets.

When the rain sensing system activates the wipers, it typically starts with a low speed and frequency. As the intensity of the rain increases, the wipers will adjust to a higher speed and frequency to maintain clear visibility for the driver.

The rain sensing wiper system also includes a manual override feature that allows the driver to control the wipers manually if needed. In addition, the system will automatically turn off the wipers when the sensor no longer detects rain or moisture on the windshield.

Overall, rain sensing wipers are a convenient and useful technology that enhances driver safety and visibility in challenging weather conditions. With this system, drivers can focus on the road ahead without worrying about adjusting the wiper settings during rainstorms or other wet conditions.

Fortuner does not have rain sensing wipers

Toyota Fortuner does not come equipped with Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers. This feature is not included in the standard equipment of the Fortuner nor is it available as an option in any of its trim levels.

While the Toyota Fortuner offers a range of advanced safety and convenience features, rain sensing wipers are not one of them. However, the Fortuner does come with standard intermittent windshield wipers that offer varying speed settings that can be manually adjusted by the driver.

Windshield washer and wipers control switch in Toyota Fortuner.

Intermittent wipers are a basic feature that can be found in most cars, and they are designed to provide improved visibility during light rain and drizzle. These wipers come with several speed settings, and the driver can adjust the frequency of the wipers based on the intensity of the rain.

Although rain sensing wipers are not available in the Toyota Fortuner, the intermittent wipers do offer basic rain clearing capabilities to help drivers maintain clear visibility on the road.

Author: Nabeel K

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