Difference between Hybrid, Electric & Adaptive modes on BMW plug-in hybrids

The Driving Experience Control influences the driving dynamics characteristics of your vehicle.

Driving modes on BMW 5-Series plug-in hybrid

The new generation of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles features the following modes: SPORT, HYBRID, ELECTRIC and ADAPTIVE.

Hybrid Mode

The driving mode HYBRID is divided in three different variants. By pressing the HYBRID button multiple times, you can select the different hybrid modes, STANDARD, ECO PRO and COMFORT. HYBRID STANDARD is activated whenever the vehicle is started via the START/STOP button.

The hybrid mode uses both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor. Depending on the situation and driving behavior, the motors can be used individually or together. Using the on-board computer, the optimal drive variant in terms of performance, fuel consumption and comfort is calculated and automatically selected.

Electric Mode

The driving mode ELECTRIC is divided in two variants. By pressing the ELECTRIC button multiple times, you can select the different electric modes, STANDARD or INDIVIDUAL. ELECTRIC INDIVIDUAL can be activated as the standard driving mode.

In this mode the energy required comes from the battery, is converted into alternating current and made available to the electric motor. In order to increase the range, additional functions such as air conditioning or heating should be used to the minimum.

Battery Control

By pressing BATTERY CONTROL a certain state of charge of the high-voltage battery can be maintained. After pressing the button, then press “Set target value” on infotainment display and select the desired percentage. This way you can conserve the electric range for a later point of your journey.

The symbols for the different HYBRID, ELECTRIC and BATTERY CONTROL modes are shown in the instrument cluster.

Adaptive Mode

When ADAPTIVE mode is activated, the vehicle automatically adapts to the driving style and, depending on the equipment, also to the route. The control registers gas and steering commands as well as the position of the gear selector lever in order to provide a more sporty or comfort-oriented drive and chassis characteristics. The map data supplied by the optional navigation system is also used to prepare the vehicle set-up for the approach to an intersection or curve.

Author: Nabeel K
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