DieselGate: Volkswagen to pay 830 million to German customers

Volkswagen will pay 830 million euros to German customers as compensation following the DieselGate scandal.

In September 2019, a lawsuit was filed in Germany between Volkswagen and more than 450,000 people who were suing the manufacturer, grouped behind the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (VZBV). These customers wanted compensation for the damage they felt they had suffered because of the group’s rigged diesel engines.

Volkswagen has pledged to pay 830 million euros to the plaintiffs, the number of which has fallen to around 260,000 in the meantime.

After the first negotiations between Volkswagen and VZVB failed in mid-February, the two sides resumed discussions at the Brunswick regional court and finally reached an agreement.

These 830 million euros are added to the bill already well above 20 billion for the German giant. As a reminder, everything started when the group, following revelations from the Californian environmental agency, recognized in September 2015 that it had installed polluting emission fraud software in more than 11 million vehicles worldwide.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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