Daimler is considering outsourcing large parts of its IT

The Stuttgart auto group wants to concentrate on software development. Data centers and workplace IT could be outsourced to service providers.

Daimler is considering outsourcing large parts of its IT to external service providers. In the areas of data center, networks and workplace IT, one can benefit from the economies of scale and innovative performance of global IT companies, a spokeswoman for the Stuttgart-based automaker told heise online. Therefore, it is checked “whether we will partially hand over these items to an external partner”. Daimler wants to continue to focus on software development.

Works Council: “Unhappy”

The works council said on request that the group had informed the employees about the considerations. It’s about hardware, networks and the user help desk. A works council spokesman emphasized that the company could not force any employee to switch to another employer. “The job security and the promise of transformation apply.” If functions are dropped, the company has to offer alternative jobs.

The employee representatives described the considerations regarding the outsourcing of IT areas as “currently unfortunate”. The focus must be on securing employment and on considerations for developing software know-how through professional development. Moreover, outsourcing is not always the right economic decision. “You have to buy these activities expensive,” said the works council spokesman.

Areas affected with thousands of employees?

Neither the Group nor the works council wanted to comment on the question of how many employees work in the areas mentioned. In employee circles it was said that Daimler’s Chief Information Officer Jan Brecht wanted to gradually outsource large parts of IT with “thousands of employees”. A year ago, Brecht denied any considerations in this direction.

Like most other car manufacturers, Daimler is suffering massively from the corona crisis and has recently announced new austerity measures, but explicitly not with future issues such as electrification and digitalization.

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2 months ago

Daimler, or rather the IT management team from Daimler, has impressively demonstrated in the past that they don’t have their IT under control. Not that the shop wouldn’t work, but at a really high cost.
The help desk has long been in India, large parts of the IT have also long been moved offshore or at best to nearshore via service providers. Going a step further here would be nothing more than consistent with the experience from the European Datacenter relocation project, for example.

Good people with excellent technical know-how are burned on the one hand because they are pushed into roles that they cannot fill out or kept small by the “old princes” of IT. Vitamin B is the only thing that really works in Daimler IT.

Everything should be agile, even if there is 100% waterfall you have to force it into an agile model and in the end it fails. It fails on a broad front and if someone allows himself to criticize then the Luzi goes off. I mean constructive criticism. This is not in demand in Daimler IT and “Under” stabs “Ober” through the rope teams and the corpses that seem to be buried en masse.

Management at E1 and E2 level has no throughput but announces one lie after another. Gigantic projects are given to completely inexperienced colleagues to end up with their bums on the wall.

Jan Brecht has not yet delivered an IT project on time or on budget. Only crashes and in the end standstill. And in the end it is and will remain management failure if the management level, despite a very good strategy, let the “subjects” dance around on their noses.

I wish the Daimler colleagues all the best and as a tip, finally open your eyes and pull loyally, for your company.

Oh, let me say about the headline. Exactly these rope teams. Mismanagement that make operations so extremely expensive could be remedied much more easily in outsourcing. The money is then spent elsewhere. To clean up!