How to connect Android Auto on Toyota Tacoma

Toyota finally scummed to customer demand and has made their new 2020 vehicles compatible with Android Auto. You can now connect Android phone to your Toyota’s infotainment system by following these simple steps. This example is specifically for 2020 Toyota Tacoma, but other models should have similar setup procedure.

First make sure your phone has at minimum Android 5.0 lollipop version, and that you have installed the Android Auto app on your phone. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from Google Play.

Make sure your vehicle is in parking mode. Then go to Setup on the infotainment system.

On the next screen, click on Projection Settings.

Turn on Android Auto by clicking on the Off toggle button.

Using data cable, connect your phone to your vehicle’s data USB port.

After a few seconds, the Android Auto icon will appear on home screen. Open it.

This will open Android Auto interface which you’re free to explore.

If you see a pop-up message “Android Auto is available for this device. Please select an option below.”, then it means you forgot to enable this feature in the first step. Simply click the ON button displayed on the popup. If you click on OFF then it will only charge your phone. Also, this feature can only function with one mobile device at a time.

You can also use Google voice assistant to give instructions while driving, its much more safer this way. To use voice commands, press voice recognition button on your steering wheel until you hear prompt sound. If you have enabled this feature in your mobile device, you can also say “Ok Google” and it will activate voice recognition.

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