Citroen announces two-seater EV, Ami, deliveries start in June 2020

Citroen has announced in Europe two-seater compact EV “Ami” (Citroen AMI). Orders in France will begin on March 30 and will be delivered in June.

Citroen has been pursuing mobility that everyone can access with boldness and creativity for 100 years since the brand was born. In 2020, the 101st year, Ami was announced as a new mobility following the trend toward full electrification of the brand.

Ami is Citroen’s innovative answer to current urban traffic and environmental issues. It aims to create a completely new customer experience in terms of services and consumption patterns.

It is a full EV, 2-seater car that is comfortable and secure, compact, has small-turning radius, and can be customized in various ways. Its marketed as urban mobility, which has unique features that overturn the concept of automobiles.

In France, people born after 1987 can drive from the age of 14 if they pass the traffic safety certification. You can use Ami at an affordable price according to your needs, such as car sharing using “Free2Move” or long-term rental from 19.99 euros per month.

The new customer experience has been realized through a partnership with French consumer electronics giant Fnac-Darty. Ami aims to provide freedom and ease of travel in urban areas and support for travel by large groups.

It is a small city commuter EV with two passengers. The body size is 2410mm long, 1390mm wide and 1520mm high. Vehicle weight was reduced to 485 kg. The minimum turning radius is 3.6m, which is excellent in maneuverability. According to Citroen, it has been developed as an alternative to public transport such as buses, subways and trams, as well as motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and kick scooters. Equipped with the “Airbump” introduced in some latest Citroen vehicles, it protects the vehicle body from damage.

In addition to being purchased as a new car, it can be used for long-term leasing for one year, car sharing on a one-minute, one-hour, or one-day basis. The charge for one minute was set at €0.26.

Collaboration with smartphones has been strengthened. Drivers can access important vehicle information, such as range, battery status, remaining charge time, and maintenance scheduling, from their smartphones at any time.

To facilitate access to the cabin, an inverted hinged door has been adopted on the driver’s side. Get into the car and place your smartphone in a dedicated location. Your smartphone becomes the main screen of your dashboard, with access to navigation and music.

The motor of the EV power train has a maximum output of 8.2hp. The battery is lithium-ion with a storage capacity of 5.5 kWh and is laid out below the floor. The range on a single charge is up to 70km. According to Citroen, it’s ideal for urban travel, such as daily commutes and short trips, with a 70km range exceeding the average daily travel distance of urban users. Charging of the battery is completed in about 3 hours with a 220V socket.

The order will start in France on March 30. Later, it will be expanded to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and other countries.

By the way, the name of “Ami” was used for small popular cars in the 1960s and 1970s.

Author: Nabeel K

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