Chinese manufacturer Aiways sends 500 U5 SUVs to Corsica in France

This is a funny way of doing on the part of a manufacturer who intends to set up in Europe. The Chinese Aiways announces that 500 copies of the U5 electric SUV are on their way to Corsica. They will be integrated into the Hertz rental fleet, which will offer them to residents and tourists.

The Chinese manufacturer Aiways (which qualifies as a “supplier of mobility solutions”) will well introduce itself in Europe. But by the back door, and in the Mediterranean. The brand announces that 500 units of its U5 SUV will leave the Shangrao factory to reach Corsica in a month. They will be ready for the summer season, and it is not a coincidence of the calendar.

These 500 electric SUVs will be managed by Hertz Corse, which will offer them for rental to tourists and Corsican residents. Obviously, Corsica is an advantage for the promotion of an electric car: few motorways, distances traveled which are not too long, and rather low average speeds. All that corresponds to the use of a current electric car.

Corsica is only a first step for Aiways which intends to “enter Europe” and “stay there”. As a reminder, the SU5 U5 has a single electric motor on the front axle of 197 hp/315 Nm, batteries of 63 kWh, and a range of 400 km. Aiways should offer the U5 at a price hovering around €35,000 when it is marketed.

Author: Nabeel K

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