Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE 2019 Review, Specs, Features

Color: Crushed Orange

The car reviewed here is equipped with performance package, 6 speed manual transmission and it has a price tag of $45,000.

It has 6.2L 8 cylinder engine that produces 455 hp at 6,000 RPM and 455 pound-feet of torque at 4400 RPM. With this engine you have a choice of 6-speed automatic or 6 speed-manual transmission. This is a rear wheel drive car where power is sent to the rear wheels with slip differential with a rear axle ratio of 3.73.

Under the hood

It has a kerb weight of around 3,680 pounds. So you can expect 0-60 in 4.3 seconds for manual transmission and 4 seconds for the automatic.

The wheelbase length is 110.7 inches and the overall length is 188.3 inches.

The width is 74.7 inches.

It has a height of 53.1 inches.

The front-end design have been updated in 2019 model. The SS now have a very aggressive design featuring glossy center and blacked out logo.

We see large body color pieces that cut in to give aggressive look. The cool looking center mesh comes down low to satin black splitter. The big grill let a lot of air cooling through the radiator.

There are also side vents on front bumper which leads air through the bumper and around the front wheels.

Air Vents, Front Bumper

It has projector beam headlights, fog lights and day time running lights.


There are heat vents at the top of the hood as well which helps cool the big engine.

Hood vents

On the front fender there is Camaro badge with red white and blue color. The wheels are 20 inches with Goodyear F1 tires (285 front, 305 rear) which comes standard in performance package. You also get Brembo braking system with red colored brake calipers.

There is also a nice touch of satin black carbon fiber trimmed gas cap which looks appealing.

Gas cap

The overall side profile is similar to the previous years. There are sharp lines on lower portion of the door and smooth transition from the door to the rear quarter panel. The side mirrors are black and doors handles are body colored which adds to the sleek appearance. This car overall very proportional and muscular appearance.

The tail-lights are LED and have very 3D appearance and looks more aggresive than the previous generations.


It has dual mode active exhaust system with quad exhaust tips, a blacked out Chevrolet logo and satin black spoiler.

In the interior, this car has Ricaro bucket seats made of leather and alcantara. You will also find alcantara on gear knob and steering wheel. There are cruise control buttons on left side of steering wheel and some bluetooth buttons on the right.

Steering wheel

Its door panels have black leather on arm rests.

Arm rest

There is silver trim on the door and side-mirror and window controls. There is also a trunk button beside speaker.

Controls on door

It has powered seats.

Power seats controls

It has many different modes of driving which can be selected from a button center console and displayed on speed-o-meter. You have choice of Tour, Sport, Track and Snow/Ice.


It as a very cool looking heads up display as well which shows your speed, RPM and how many Gs you’re pulling.


It has circular air vents which has a knob, twisting the knob opens and closes the vents.

Air vent

The dashboard is covered in black leather with white stitching.

Leather covered dash-board

Its infotainment screen offer a range of features including, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Wifi, phone and many more. You can also see climate settings from this screen.

Infotainment Screen

There are big dials over air vents in center console which you can rotate to adjust fan speed and heating/cooling intensity.

Climate control

You can change your mode, apply parking and turn your traction control on and off from buttons on the center console.

There is good amount of space in the compartment under the center arm rest.

Rear seats space is good enough for small kids. Don’t even think about fitting an adult in there, mainly because of tiny leg-room.

You can pull down the back seats to fit your long luggage.

The trunk space is pretty good for a sports car.

The Recaro seats are awesome, probably my favorite part of this car. They are very comfortable, they go up your leg a nice amount. You really feel like you’re cradled inside the car. Alcantara steering wheel is really nice to hold, just gives you a lot of control on it and then of course the shifter is great as well.

In the normal comfort mode it’s pretty comfortable. It absorbs the bumps nicely. It can be driven just like your normal car, this really is just a daily drive-able sports car.

Then of course we can have more fun by putting it into sport mode, the exhaust valves open and you can hear it a little bit better. The acceleration gets really fast and it goes through the gears really easy.

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