Change glow plug: costs and intervals

The glow plug ensures that your diesel engine is heated and can start. In this home tip you can read when it is time to change and how much it will cost you.

The task of the glow plug

A diesel-powered engine works on either the prechamber or swirl chamber principle. You cannot start cold diesel engines without heating the combustion chambers. This is where the glow plugs come in. These have a heating element that begins to glow under power. Heating up can take between 2 and 30 seconds depending on the model. Modern glow plugs are able to regulate the temperature automatically and the longer preheating time is eliminated.

At what intervals should the glow plugs be changed?

The change intervals of glow plugs are different and cannot be determined by kilometers or time-frame.

  • The lifespan depends on the use of the vehicle and not on the mileage.
  • Therefore, the glow plugs on short-haul vehicles often have to be replaced faster than when used on long-haul vehicles.
  • If your vehicle starts without problems during a cold start, it is not yet necessary to change the glow plugs.
  • However, if you have to start your vehicle several times, this is a sign to have the glow plugs checked.

Cost of changing glow plugs

It is not always necessary to replace the candles immediately.

  • Drive to the workshop you trust and ask the mechanic to check whether only one fuse has blown.
  • If this is not the case, the person skilled in the art can use a current measuring device on each candle to determine whether the current consumption is too low.
  • If there is a defect in a glow plug, all the candles should always be replaced immediately.
  • Depending on the model, the prices for glow plugs are between 5 and 10 dollars each.
  • You have to expect 1 to 2 hours working time to change.
  • Ask in advance about the hourly wages and get a quote.
  • Of course, you can also change the glow plugs yourself with some specialist knowledge.
  • However, on the one hand special tools are required for this and small errors can cause great damage.
  • A change by a specialist is therefore preferable.
Author: Nabeel K