Car window stuck – How to fix it?

If the car window no longer goes up, it is often due to a broken cable. In this article we will show you how to fix the car window yourself.

First Step

In the best case, only the mechanism is defective. Get out of the car and hold the button on the remote control to close the doors. In most cars, all windows are closed after a few seconds.

If that doesn’t help, the first thing you should do is to limit the damage. If you can pull the disc upwards, bring it into the highest possible position. You can use tape to keep the window closed for now.

Fuse defective

  • A defective fuse can also be responsible for the problem. You will usually find the fuse box at the bottom left next to the steering wheel.
  • The exact location of the fuses can be found in the manual. There you will also find out which fuses are responsible for the motor of the car window.
  • Pull out the relevant fuse and take a look at the wire in the middle. If the wire is broken, the fuse is defective.
  • You can get a new set of backups for little money online.

Perform a repair

  • In most cases, however, the cable is simply broken. Sometimes it is only damaged, or its blocked by something.
  • If you remove the interior door panel from the car, you can take a look yourself. Often, even the layperson can quickly see why. However, repairs are not that easy.
  • You only need a screwdriver to remove the panel. Only remove the panel if you own the car and the warranty has already expired.
  • Smaller dents or scratches can easily appear when removing and installing panel, so be careful. For repair, you should therefore drive directly to the workshop.
Author: Nabeel K

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