Car horn does not work – causes and solutions

The horn is an important safety equipment of every car. If the horn does not work, the cause is searched. Here are a few tips on what the bug could be hidden.

Where is the horn?

First, look for the horn in the engine compartment. It is a round component, some with a visible opening.

The horn is the size of a hand and is often located in the area of ​​the grille. If you cannot find the horn, check the manual for your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can get help in finding the exact location of the horn on the internet specific to your car model. Simply search for your car model and the keyword horn.

Check the connection to the car horn

If you have found the horn, check the two connected cables. You can carefully remove the cables using a certain mechanism.

If the horn and cable contacts are rusty, this may be the cause. Spray some WD-40 on the metal contacts and then check if the horn works again.

If this does not help, the horn may be defective. If the instructions in the following paragraphs do not help you, you can replace the horn with a new one.

Check fuse

In the best case, only the fuse in the car has blown. To check that, you need to find and open the fuse box in your car.

The fuse box is usually located on the left on the driver’s side. If you take a look at the manual, you will find detailed instructions.

There you will also find out which fuse belongs to your car horn. Use a pair of pliers or your fingers to carefully pull out the corresponding fuse.

You will find a wire in the middle of the fuse between the two contacts. If this wire is broken, you need a new fuse. You can get a set of backups for little money online.

Faulty airbag

If an indicator light in the car indicates a problem with the airbag, this can also cause the horn to fail. If the airbag expands inside, the honking mechanism is blocked.

In this case, you should definitely have the repair carried out as quickly as possible in a workshop. A defect in the airbag and the work on the airbag are extremely dangerous and can only be carried out by a specialist.

Author: Nabeel K

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