Can I use winter tires in summer?

When the winter tires have had their day, there can still be the legally required millimeters of residual tread. Are the tires suitable for summer?

Anyone who thinks that worn-out winter tires are perfect for summer is wrong. Even if the legally prescribed 1.6 millimeter remaining profile is still in place, regulatory bodies advises motorists against continuing to drive with the tires in summer. Why?

Disused summer tires: driving safety is not guaranteed

This significantly reduces driving safety. The braking distances are longer and cornering grip decreases. The risk of hydroplaning on wet roads also increases with winter tires that are close to the profile limit.

In addition, wear increases sharply. Rubber compounds for winter are much softer than those for summer. Depending on the mileage, it would also be questionable whether the tires would not fall below the legal minimum of 1.6 millimeters very quickly.

Better to use all-season tires

Those who shy away from the seasonal change can think about all-season tires . This applies primarily to everyone who does not have to drive in extreme seasonal conditions such as winter roads or extremely hot summer days. In such cases, pure winter and summer tires are still superior to all-season tires.

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