Bugatti Chiron $100 replica hits the road

A homemade Bugatti Chiron with cardboard, pedals and old can, this is the challenge launched by a group of young car enthusiasts in Vietnam. The replica of the supercar only cost them $100 to assemble.

Bugatti Chiron cardboard replica

In Vietnam, a group of young people known as their YouTube channel “NHẾT TV” specialize in the creation of replicas of sports cars and motorcycles. These are not miniature replicas as you might think, but indeed full-size cars or motorcycles that can be driven. And yes, when you are passionate about luxury cars and motorcycles, but you don’t necessarily have the means, you have to be creative. NHẾT TV already has more than 357,000 subscribers and 110 videos, when it was only created in March 2019.

The world’s cheapest but also the slowest Bugatti Chiron

It is not the first time that supercars have been replicated in full size. In 2018, it was the Lego company that had created a Bugatti Chiron with more than a million small bricks. 2,304 Lego engines allowed the car to travel below 15 mph. The creation of the Vietnamese is just as impressive since they make everything themselves with only a $100 budget.

This Bugatti Chiron must be the least expensive on the planet. The compromise? You have to pedal, it is rather fragile and it fears water. Indeed, it is made from cardboard so it is better not to take it out until it is sunny. The kids used a metal frame, used tires, old bicycle gears, a homemade steering wheel and pedals. The cardboard supercar may not reach 260 mph, but it doesn’t cost $3 million either, so it’s a pretty good compromise.

The video is the timelapse of the production of the Bugatti Chiron. It must be recognized that it is quite impressive. The young people even gave their supercar a ride under the surprised looks of their neighbors. If you take a look at their YouTube channel, you will discover even more impressive creations such as a Lamborghini Aventador, a BMW S 1000 RR and other models of sports cars and motorcycles.

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