Bosch closes steering system production in Bietigheim

The automotive supplier is relocating assembly in the area to other locations in Europe.

The automotive supplier Bosch stops production at the Bietigheim-Bissingen plant after years of attempting renovation. Assembly in the steering systems area with 290 employees should be relocated to other locations in Europe, a spokeswoman confirmed on Thursday in Stuttgart. “We have a site wage agreement until the end of 2021. Until then, the work remains. After that, we will stop production.”

Jobs should be cut in a socially acceptable manner through partial retirement or early retirement schemes. The plant has been in an economic imbalance for several years.

The decision by the works council after months of struggling for a perspective for the location is not understandable. “Bosch uses the Corona theme to reduce personnel costs,” quotes the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” head of the works council, Vincenzo Basile. According to Bosch, the development area with investments of 20 million euros, in which around 270 employees work, should be maintained at least in this size.

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