Boeing has to cope with further 737 Max cancellations

Boeing lost further orders for 737 Max aircraft in April. Among other things, Gecas canceled a large order. It was not the first month with many cancellations for the US manufacturer.

Boeing 737 Max – picture by Boeing

Boeing lost orders for another 108-737 Max aircraft in April. Among other things, the leasing company Gecas, which belongs to the General Electric group, cut its Max orders, as can be seen from Boeing figures from Tuesday.

For the first time in years, the American Airbus competitor has orders for a total of less than 5,000 aircraft of various types on the books. Orders for 150 units of the 737 Max were canceled in March.

The model has long been a bestseller for Boeing – but after two crashes with 346 deaths, all Max aircraft worldwide are on the ground. According to the findings of accident investigators, an assistance system, which should help the pilots to control the aircraft in some circumstances, led to the disasters due to incorrect sensor data.

When the model was checked, other problems also appeared in the software, among other things. It is still unclear when the 737 Max can fly again. Customers are losing patience – especially since they have to adjust to a long slowdown in air traffic and save money in the face of the Corona crisis.

Author: Nabeel K

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