BMW recalls X5 over risk of fuel tank explosion during maintenance work

BMW has recently announced a recall campaign for certain BMW X5 vehicles manufactured between 2006 and 2009 due to safety concerns during tank maintenance. The recall, with a manufacturer code of 0016760200, affects a total of 23 vehicles worldwide, with 3 vehicles potentially affected in Germany.

Safety Concern

During maintenance work on the tank, there is a danger of deflagration, posing a potential risk to vehicle owners and maintenance personnel. Deflagration refers to a rapid combustion reaction that results in an explosion.

Monitoring and Corrective Action

The recall campaign is being closely monitored by the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt), the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany, indicating the seriousness of the issue. As a corrective measure, BMW will be replacing the tank in the affected vehicles.

Possible Restrictions

At this time, specific details about any potential restrictions on the affected vehicle versions are not known. BMW owners are advised to contact their local BMW dealership or authorized service center for more information and clarification.

Incidents of Property Damage and/or Personal Injury

As of the recall release date of March 24, 2023, no incidents of property damage or personal injury have been reported in connection with this recall campaign. However, to ensure the safety of all affected vehicle owners and individuals involved in maintenance, BMW is taking proactive measures to address the issue.

Contact Information

For further assistance or information regarding this recall, affected BMW X5 owners can reach out to the BMW helpline at +49 (0)89 1250 16175. Mention 0016760200 code when inquiring about this specific recall.

Customer Responsibility

Owners of affected BMW X5 vehicles are strongly advised to take prompt action and contact their nearest BMW dealership or authorized service center to schedule the replacement of the tank installation unit. This precautionary step will help ensure the safety of the vehicle and mitigate any potential risks associated with the maintenance process.


BMW’s recall campaign for the BMW X5 aims to address the potential danger of deflagration during tank maintenance. With a focus on customer safety, BMW will replace the fuel tank in the affected vehicles. It is crucial for affected BMW X5 owners to heed the manufacturer’s call for action and promptly contact their local dealership to arrange the necessary corrective measures.

Author: Nabeel K