BMW iX3 pre-production begins in China – discover the first photos of the Bavarian electric SUV

While the new electric SUV from BMW is in the pre-production phase in its Chinese factory, the manufacturer has just published the first series of official photographs finally showing the final design.

It was in 2018 at the Beijing Motor Show that BMW presented the electric version of its X3 SUV for the first time. Until now, all the images used, including on the BMW site, are those of this concept car. However, with its pre-production series, the first images of the production version of the vehicle have just been released.

Arrival at dealerships before the end of the year

Series production has not yet really started, but already 200 iX3s have left the assembly lines. These pre-production models will allow engineers to carry out the latest tests and obtain the certifications necessary for the marketing of this new vehicle. It is not impossible that some of them will find themselves subjected to crash tests by Euro NCAP or C-NCAP like those undergone by the Model 3 “Made in China”. BMW will not market its SUV in the United States.

The images come from the BMW Brilliance Automotive factory, a Chinese subsidiary of the German manufacturer. It is indeed in the northeast of the Middle Kingdom, in Shenyang exactly, that the iX3 will be assembled. Now that the production line is ready, it is only waiting for the green light to start assembling the vehicles. They will be sold on the domestic market, but also exported to Europe. Production will start at the end of summer for sale before the end of the year.

The SUV is equipped with a 286 horsepower engine releasing 400 Nm of torque. Its 74 kWh battery gives it a range of 440 km according to the WLTP standard. The price, however, has not yet been announced, it is however possible to pre-book it on the manufacturer’s site. While BMW has its vehicle manufactured in China, the French government is seeking to return the factories to France with an investment plan of 8 billion euros.

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