BMW iX3 EV production version pictures leaked

The idea of ​​an electric BMW X3 first appeared as a concept in October 2018. It was the Concept iX3. Although almost a year and a half has passed, the production version had not yet appeared and a date for the official launch is still unknown.

However, the delay in presenting a final product increased curiosity about the BMW iX3. An Instagram profile called just “scott26.unoficial”, released two images of what appear to be the official photos of the SUV in its production version, The plates are from Munich (ALE), where BMW is based, and the final letter “E” over there means that it is a car registered as electric.

Another factor that helps to believe that these are true images is the use of aerodynamic light alloy wheels, which had already been anticipated by BMW. Some blue elements on the sides and on the grill are characteristic of the Bavarian brand trams.

The most significant visual change compared to the 2018 concept is the grille, which remains in two separate parts, following BMW tradition. The prototype had parts integrated in the center, similar to Kia products. At the rear, there are more finishing pieces painted in blue, as below the bumper, where the exhaust would be in a regular BMW X3.

From what has been informed so far by BMW, the production iX3 should have battery capacity of 74 kWh, enough to deliver about 273 miles or 440 km of range. The electric motor is mounted on the rear axle, delivering 286 hp of power and 40.8 kgfm of torque, but there is no indication so far that an all-wheel drive variant will be offered.

The initial plan was for the BMW iX3 to start production in China later this year through a joint venture with Brilliance. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, the brand has not yet released an official launch date or in which markets the vehicle will be offered.

Author: Nabeel K

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