Bicycle: How to remove rear wheel – instructions

If you have a flat rear tire on the bike, you must remove the complete rear wheel. We explain what you have to pay special attention to.

Correctly remove the rear wheel on the bike – this is how it works with a derailleur
If your rear wheel is attached via a quick release, you theoretically do not need any additional tools. If the wheel is fixed with two nuts, you only need a wrench of the correct size. A 15 mm open-end wrench is usually used by bicycle manufacturers. What you have to do now, we show you here in our instructions or illustrated in our picture gallery.

  1. Shift to the highest gear on a rear derailleur bike. This causes the chain to land on the smallest sprocket, which will make your work easier later.
  2. Now turn the bike upside down so that it rests on the handlebars and saddle. If you work on the bike more often, a work stand can be helpful.
  3. If you have disc brakes, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You usually have to remove shoe brakes, e.g. V-brakes, otherwise the tire will not fit through. Alternatively, you can simply deflate and push the coat through. However, this makes reinstallation difficult.
  4. Now open the quick release and loosen the opposite nut a little. If you don’t have a quick release, loosen the nuts on both sides. If necessary, memorize the position of washers.
  5. Now pull the rear derailleur all the way back. Because the chain is on the outermost, smallest sprocket. you can now easily lift the wheel out and separate the chain from the sprocket.
  6. Installation is the reverse order.

Video Demonstration

Author: Nabeel K

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