Berlin fire brigade buys four Toyota Mirai fuel cell cars

The Berlin fire department is now on the move with hydrogen. Four Toyota Mirai are now expanding the fleet of the capital city aid workers. The four vehicles were procured by the Berlin fire department as part of an EU procurement procedure. The MOTOR COMPANY has been awarded the contract and has now handed over the vehicles in Berlin.

Toyota Mirai to be used by Berlin fire department – (photo by Toyota)

The new fuel cell limousines for operations management and commercial traffic are equipped with flashing lights and Martinshorn and, together with their characteristic stickers, are immediately recognizable as a fleet vehicle for the Berlin fire service. Under the hood of the Mirai is a 113 kW / 154 hp powerful electric motor ensuring that the firefighters not only get to their location in the capital quickly, but also locally without emissions. The fuel cell drive uses hydrogen and oxygen to generate electrical energy to feed the electric motor. Only steam comes out of the Mirai’s exhaust.

For this reason, the Berlin Sustainable Development Program (BENE) also supports the purchase of the four Toyota Mirai. The aim of the program, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is to sustainably and profitably support the reduction of CO2 emissions in the commercial and public sectors in order to reconcile economic growth and resource conservation. An environmentally friendly infrastructure should accelerate the ecological structural change and improve the quality of life and the environment in Berlin. In the “Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050”, the Japanese car manufacturer has set similar and long-term goals for reducing the CO2 emissions of its vehicles and its plants. Driving fuel cell technology is part of this corporate vision.

The sedan’s two hydrogen tanks allow ranges of over 500 kilometers per tank filling. The Toyota Mirai thus combines an environmentally friendly drive with unrestricted long-distance suitability. At three to five minutes, refueling stops do not take much longer than with conventionally powered cars, so that emergency vehicles are quickly available again.

Since the beginning of the year, two other Toyota Mirai have been in use by colleagues from the Berlin police. With five hydrogen filling stations in the urban area, the federal capital is predestined for fuel cell vehicles.

Author: Nabeel K

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