Audi’s upgraded 3rd generation “MMI”, up to 10 times faster – to be installed in US for 2021 model vehicles

Audi announced that it will equip the 2021 model vehicles for the US with the upgraded third-generation “MMI” infotainment technology from this fall.

2021 3rd generation MMI – picture by Audi

Third-generation MMI infotainment technology is characterized by a faster, richer and more immersive user experience than the predecessor.

With the new chip, the “MIB 3” (Modular Infotainment Toolkit) is up to 10 times faster than traditional Audi hardware. In addition, the new “Audiconnect Generation 3” service introduces unlimited Wi-Fi included in “Audiconnect PRIME” to connect up to 8 devices.

The 2021 models introducing the latest MIB 3 includes Audi “A4”, “A5”, “A6”, “A7”, “A8”, “Q3”, “Q7”, “Q8”.

The latest version of the “myAudi app” also has some important improvements. One of these is the “myAudi Marketplace” experience, where you can choose in-vehicle features and more flexible subscription plans. Audi has introduced the ability to add vehicle functionality through the myAudi Marketplace.

“Alexa Auto,” which is a voice recognition assist from Amazon and “Alexa,” which is in-vehicle, will also be expanded. “ITM,” which allows on-the-spot payment for tolls on expressways, will expand the number of vehicles equipped with it.

New applications

  • SiriusXM with 360L
  • Hybrid digital radio
  • New myAudi app digital storefront experience with myAudi marketplace
  • Function on Demand: Navigation – more features to be added
  • Monthly map updates compared to quarterly updates with MIB 2+ (when equipped with available navigation)
  • Amazon Alexa Auto available in more models
  • Expanded Integrated Toll Module availability

Model year 2021 vehicles with MIB 3 are expected to go on sale in the second half of 2020. The new features and applications complement an existing suite of technologies such as available in-vehicle 4G LTE hotspot, Traffic Light Information with Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) and the touchscreen MMI user interface that has spread throughout most of the Audi lineup. More information about pricing and user licensing for specific features will be available closer to on-sale timing.

Author: Nabeel K

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