Audi loses almost a quarter in sales – upward trend in China

From April to June, the VW subsidiary delivered significantly fewer cars due to the corona pandemic. In China, however, things are picking up again.

Audi lost almost a quarter of its sales in the second quarter. The automaker delivered a total of 354,232 vehicles from April to June, as announced on Wednesday at the request of the German Press Agency. This is a decrease of 22.8 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

The slump hit the Volkswagen subsidiary primarily in Europe, where with 99,644 vehicles (-53.7 percent) not even half as many cars were sold as in the comparable period. In the USA, the numbers dropped by 35.3 percent to 34,843.

In China, however, things are already picking up again: here sales rose by 23.5 percent. This further increased Ingolstadt’s dependence on its most important single market: With 189,182 deliveries, the People’s Republic was responsible for a good 53 percent of global sales.

The overall situation recently improved. In June, Audi sales figures were only 8.1 percent behind the figure for the same month in the previous year. “We are already seeing the first recovery effects, but with strong regional differences,” said a spokeswoman. Europe and the USA were still clearly in the red in June, and China continued to climb. There they had just “achieved the strongest June result ever”.

Author: Nabeel K

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