Audi e-tron price dropped to 62,700 Euros with new entry-level model

Audi has announced a new version of the e-tron: the Edition version. The base price of the electric SUV has dropped more than 9,000 euros to 62,700 euros. The cheapest e-tron 50 Quattro used to cost 71,900 euros.

The new Edition version has, just like the other 50 versions, a battery pack of 71 kWh, with battery range of 341 kilometers or 211 miles.

There is an option of 55 Quattro in Edition trim that costs 80,400 euros. This upgrades the battery capacity to 95 kWh with 401 kilometers or 250 miles of driving range.

With the announcement of this new entry-level model, Audi has also revealed the price of e-tron Sportback with a starting price of 65,100 euros. The 55 Quattro version of the e-tron Sportback has a price tag of 82,800 euros.

Author: Nabeel K

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Van Soto
Van Soto
1 year ago

I drive an e-tron, its a wonderful car. Previously drove A6. My only complaint is that the range is definitely not what Audi has indicated. I get max 210 km. But it only bothers if you have to drive far away. Driving in winter was also no problem.