Apple creating a billion dollar facility in Austin Texas

Apple is breaking ground today for a billion dollar facility in Austin, Texas and promising over 15,000 American jobs. When asked about why they chose Austin, they commented “the talent”.

Apple Park, “The Spaceship”, Cupertino, California

Apple CEO was joined by President Donald Trump today in the Austin factory where they manufacture company’s most powerful computer, the Mac Pro. The trade tensions with China are hot and new raise in tariffs is expected next month. There could be another 10% tariff hike for mobile phones, and Apple may have to raise the price of iPhone.

The trade negotiations have been going on for 16 months now, and still the deal with China is uncertain. President Trump is saying that the ball is in China’s court, they have to accept the terms to make trade deal. Apple says that they will not be pulling out of any market, including China. They said that it will be unfair to the iPhone users, including the customer-base in China.

U.S. economy is the strongest economy in the world, but for that to continue being so, the trade situation will have to be resolved. Trump is also saying that there can be exemptions for Apple if new tariffs are applied on China.

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