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Hey guys I recently got a 2019 Mazda 3, 2.5L in-line 4. (NA-186hp) Was wondering what upgrades I can do that don’t cost an arm and a leg and don’t compromise reliability, I got air filter (or a) cold air intake in mind, (which ones better?) and oil filter in mind but not sure what else to do. Thanks

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You aren't driving a sports car, doing lame cheap upgrades on a 2019 vehicle (Mazda 3 none the less) would most likely void your warranty, make it less reliable, and shorten its life. Not to mention the upgrades would have little to no effect on performance.

Cold air intake would probably make your car run worse not better and throw a CEL unless you properly reconfigure the ECU. Upgrading the air filter to a better quality one that also allows more air flow would make the engine breath a little better, but the difference will be minimal.

Are you looking for performance upgrades? or just upgrades overall.... You could upgrade the stereo, speakers, brake pads, drilled/slotted rotors, dual piston callipers, short shifter kit (if they sell those and you drive a manual - not sure if that voids warranty).

Could consider upgrading the suspension but that wouldn't be so cheap and anything you get on a budget would probably be worse than oem anyways.
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Darn that sucks, guess It’s not like the gen 3s with these new ones, I’ll just suck it up and get a project car next year, thanks dude
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Probably a better idea for a project car. Having a bone stock reliable vehicle available is always a good idea. On a cheaper project car you don't have to worry about damaging much or taking your time to fully install things. Plus you can beat the snot out of it while having the peace of mind that you have another form of reliable transportation if something goes wrong.


P.S. - I'm certainly no mechanic

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