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I ordered my 911 in December 2018 and picked it up on 08.05.19. Vehicle is now 1 year old and has run approx. 5,000KM.

Problem: engine failure while driving.

1st case April 15th
I drove about 5 km with the car. Motor temperature 76 degrees. City trip max 60 km / h. After a red traffic light, the vehicle started up briefly and the engine then failed as if the fuel had run out. Vehicle no longer started, luckily I could roll down the street to the McDonalds parking lot.

I then called the Porsche towing service. Duration about 1 hour. I ordered something to eat and after 40 minutes tried again to start the engine. The engine started and I was able to drive home with the agreement of the P Approved Service. The following day I went to the PZ for fault diagnosis and repair.

Cause according to PZ fuel pump relay, was replaced. After the repair I went on a tour about 10KM on April 26th.

Everything went well!

2nd Fall May 6th

I am approx. 5 km of city traffic and 25 km of motorway. Max speed 265KMH.

A traffic light came 500 meters after the motorway exit. The engine came to a standstill and the engine failed at the same time. Vehicle no longer started and it stayed that way. Vehicle standstill or time independent. After 45 minutes the battery was drained too.

I put pressure on my lawyer and exercised my right to withdraw from the contract of sale.

1. If the error cannot be rectified.

2. If the error occurs again after the 2nd repair. Same error for the third time.

Vehicle has been in the workshop since 06.05 for the purpose of checking diagnostics.

If you don't get a statement anymore, just ask for patience.

The seller tweeted the following to me over the phone:

1. There was a recall on May 10th which dealt with the issue of a bad engine start in a warm condition. (I think I am not affected by this since both times my vehicle has been completely stopped and started cold.)

2. The fuel pump should be replaced.

3. Battery should be replaced.

Vehicle remains at the workshop for diagnosis.

Does anyone else have such a case?

Then another question in the margin, if the car doesn't start anymore the handbrake is released but I can't get the car from P to N.

Vehicle stands like a tank can no longer be moved.

According to the towing service, this function has been deliberately blocked due to vehicle theft.

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Did you start the battery empty or did it get weaker when it was stationary?

If the second, then I suspect a fault in the electrical system (loose contact / leakage current - difficult to find) or in the BMS (battery management).

The error should be located and corrected exactly, if not possible, the reversal of the purchase contract is probably the best way.
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Only Porsche can solve the problem.

And from the perspective of everyday cars / everyday technology, it makes no sense to discuss the cause of the possible errors.
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Ferrari had this with the 360 ​​with a relay that controls the transmission. Was behind the passenger seat. If it got hot, it failed. Then nothing worked.

Regardless: Porsche MUST regulate that. Zero discussion. And are supposed to bridge the time of repair with a rental car. You paid a lot of money. And that for a car that drives. Not for someone who just stands.

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