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My Lincoln MKC 2017 windshield wipers just turned on and they keep functioning but not responding to the on/off control. To keep using my car I had to remove the fuse.

My car is out of warranty period, I visited the dealership and they said this is not a common issue and it will take time to detect the failure... before moving on that direction.. I am looking for any recommendation.. is this an electrical issue like a short circuit? if so what caused it?

I hope this could be a simple solution like a computer reset or so.

I would appreciate you can give me any recommendation before moving car to dealership....


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Bad switch:
Mostly this happens due to bad lever switch (multi-function switch) that controls the wipers, in that case the switch will have to be replaced.

Faulty relay:
The windshield wipers relay could be stuck. The relay is located in the engine compartment fuse box under the hood in 2017 Lincoln MKC. It will be labelled "R6" on the back of the cover, check your owners manual to confirm.

Rain sensor problem:
Does your vehicle have rain sensing wipers? If yes, then try disabling the feature to rule out any problem with the sensor.
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Thanks for your comments. I am following the recommendations.


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