All storage locations in Nissan Rogue Sport

Nissan Rogue Sport has a traditional glove-box compartment, a console storage box is located between the front seats. There are cupholder located conveniently in the center console.

Cargo space on 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport – (photo by Nissan North America)

The bottle holders are in the door trim panel. The sunglass holder in the roof can be opened with a push and release motion. There are also variety of storage bins, trays and pockets located throughout the vehicle.

Cargo Space:

There are several luggage hooks located throughout the cargo area. You can use them to properly secure all cargo with ropes or straps – preventing the cargo from sliding or shifting.

The adjustable cargo floor allows the customization of storage space in the rear cargo area. Depending on the vehicle’s equipment, a variety of storage configurations may be available.

Low floor mode maximizes storage volume. Flat floor mode eases loading and unloading of large items and allows you to store items under the floor. Divide mode allows you to store your cargo in two separate compartments.


Watch this video by Nissan to see all the storage locations on Rogue Sport
Author: Nabeel K

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