Active Lane Management (ALM) settings in Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with advanced safety features designed to enhance driver assistance and provide a safer driving experience. One of these features is the Active Lane Management (ALM) system.

The ALM system utilizes a forward-facing camera and Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) sensors to detect lane markings, road edges, and nearby vehicles. By monitoring the vehicle’s position within the lane and detecting potential lane departures, the ALM system provides visual, haptic, and steering assist warnings to help the driver stay within the lane boundaries.

Understanding Active Lane Management Settings:

To access and adjust the Active Lane Management settings in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, follow these steps:

  1. On the center screen, tap on “Vehicle” on the bottom category bar.
  2. Select “Settings” on the top right corner.
  3. From the left menu, choose “Safety & Driving Assistance.”
  4. Open the “Active Lane Management” option.

Within the Active Lane Management menu, you will find several adjustable settings related to the ALM system:

Lane Management:

This setting determines how the system alerts the driver when a lane departure is detected.

Available options include:

“Vibration Only”: The system provides a vibration warning.

“Steering Assist Only”: The system applies steering assistance to guide the vehicle back into the lane.

“Vibration + Steering Assist”: The system combines vibration warning and steering assistance.

Lane Warning:

This setting allows you to choose the timing of the lane departure warning.

Available options are:

“Early”: The warning is triggered when the vehicle slightly drifts towards the lane boundaries.

“Medium”: The warning is triggered when the vehicle approaches the lane boundaries.

“Late”: The warning is triggered when the vehicle crosses the lane boundaries.

Vibration Strength:

This setting enables you to adjust the intensity of the vibration warning.

Available options are:

“Low”: Gentle vibration feedback.

“Medium”: Moderate vibration feedback.

“High”: Strong vibration feedback.

Steering Assist Strength:

This setting allows you to adjust the level of steering wheel feedback during a lane departure.

Available options include:

“Low”: Gentle steering wheel feedback.

“Medium”: Moderate steering wheel feedback.

“High”: Strong steering wheel feedback.

How Active Lane Management Operates:

The ALM system operates within specific speed ranges (above 37 mph/60 km/h and below 112 mph/180 km/h) to ensure optimal functionality. When both lane markings are detected and the vehicle approaches or crosses a lane boundary without using the turn signal, and the blind spot zone is clear, the ALM system provides warnings to prompt the driver to remain within the lane boundaries. These warnings can include visual alerts in the instrument cluster, steering assist torque, and/or steering wheel vibration, depending on the configured settings.

If the driver activates the turn signal to indicate a lane change and a vehicle is detected in the adjacent lane, the ALM system provides warnings to guide the vehicle back to the center of the lane. The warnings can be in the form of steering assist and/or steering wheel vibration, helping the driver maintain lane integrity and avoid potential collisions.

It’s important to note that the ALM system suppresses visual warnings, steering vibration, and steering assistance when the driver activates the turn signal, the blind spot zone is clear, and a lane change is occurring. Additionally, the driver can manually override the steering assist warning by applying force to the steering wheel at any time.

Enabling or Disabling Active Lane Management:

To turn the ALM system on or off, locate the Active Lane Management button on the switch panel above the Uconnect display. Press the button to activate or deactivate the system.

When turned on, a message will be displayed in the instrument cluster to confirm the system’s status. The ALM system retains its previous state (on or off) from the last ignition cycle when the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN position.


The Active Lane Management system in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a valuable safety feature designed to help drivers maintain their lane position and avoid potential lane departures. By adjusting the various settings within the ALM system, drivers can personalize the level of warnings and assistance they receive based on their preferences and driving conditions. Understanding and utilizing these settings effectively can contribute to a safer and more confident driving experience in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Author: Nabeel K

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