A guy blocking EV parking spot gets confronted in Baltimore, Maryland

Instances of blocking electric vehicle parking spot dedicated for charging, also known as ICE-ing are on the rise, and is becoming a nuisance for EV owners. One such instance occurred in Baltimore today.

A dash-cam video was upload on Youtube by a driver who confronted a man parking his vehicle beside a Tesla Model 3 and is blocking an EV spot. The video begins with the driver entering a parking lot, stopping by a guy who is loading groceries, and reminding him that he is parking at the wrong spot. But this man, who it appears have his children in the back of the SUV, lost his temper and both of them exchanged profanity in front of children.

The person was shouting that its not illegal to park a gasoline powered vehicle in EV spot. But he might be wrong.

According to Baltimore Co. MD Sec. 18-2-212 (b) Prohibition:
A person may not park a vehicle that is not a plug-in vehicle in a space, including a space on private property used by the public in general, that
(1) Is designated for the use of plug-in vehicles with a sign approved by the Police Department stating the prohibition of this section; and
(2) Provides access to a plug-in vehicle recharging station.

At this time we don’t know if a prohibition sign was installed at that particular charging spot.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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