500 Renault ZOE electric will be launched in Paris as part of the Zity e-car sharing service

500 electric Renault ZOE vehicles will be launched in Paris as part of the Zity e-car sharing service. Renault had already announced its launch on the Seine in March. After delays caused by Corona, tomorrow it will be clear: free travel for the ZOE and Zity.

ZOE, electric mobility, Zity, Renault, car sharing, 2020 – (photo by Renault)

The 500 Renault ZOE can be rented 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the center of Paris and Clichy. Reservation, pick-up and return of the vehicle take place via the free downloadable mobile Zity app.

The highly flexible price model works without a subscription or time restrictions such as minimum holding periods or maximum rental periods. For the introduction there is the attractive introductory price of 0.29 euros per minute. The tariffs for extended use are 35 euros for 24 hours, 55 euros for 48 hours and 65 euros for 72 hours of rental.

“Against the background of the current health crisis and the great ecological challenges, we are all the more convinced that it makes sense to offer Parisians a complementary mobility solution under strict health conditions: electrical, easily accessible and sustainable,” said Gilles Normand, senior Vice President Electric Vehicles & Mobility Services of the Renault Group.

Renault already presented the new car sharing offer in March of this year. Service was suspended due to corona restrictions. But now it means: free travel for Zity in Paris. The start takes place in accordance with the state framework conditions on the basis of the national sanitary protocol. To this end, strict hygiene and safety measures are implemented.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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