2021 Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford Ranger comparison

Cybertruck is the newest vehicle in Tesla’s lineup. Its one of the most hyped upcoming vehicles and rightfully so, since its the company’s first attempt to break into the mammoth pickup-truck market. Lets see how it compares with gasoline powered Ford Ranger which was revived by Ford last year after its discontinuation back in 2011.


All versions of both vehicles have been included in the following comparison. There are three versions of Tesla Cybertruck, namely Single Motor rear wheel drive, Dual Motor all wheel drive and Triple Motor all wheel drive. Ford Ranger has three trim levels called XL, XLT and Lariat, and also four versions; SuperCrew 4×2, SuperCab 4×4, SuperCab 4×2 and SuperCrew 4×4.


Understandably, there is no comparison here. Cybertruck is a very powerful electric truck producing 800 horsepower while Ranger is entry-level gasoline powered pick-up truck in Ford’s lineup that produces 270 horsepower at 5,500 rpm. You may have noticed that only Triple Motor version is included in this chart, this is because Tesla has only revealed information about highest trim model, so its omitted here.

Torque (lb. ft.)

Another big lead by Cybertruck at 1000 pound feet of torque. Three electric motors generate a ton of torque, so gasoline powered vehicle stand no chance. Ford Ranger produces meager 310 lb-ft torque compared to Tesla. Also, note that only top of the line trim Tri motor is included for Cybertruck in comparison as the numbers for other versions have not been revealed by the automaker.

0-60 mph

All three versions of Cybertruck are quicker than Ford. The Triple motor version goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. Next in line is Dual motor version with 4.5 seconds, then Single motor version and Ford Ranger does 0-60 in 6.8 seconds.

Towing capacity (lbs.)

Cybertruck Triple motor takes the throne with towing capacity of 14,000 pounds and Dual motor at 10,000 pounds. Cybertruck Single, Ranger SuperCab and SuperCrew has towing capacity of 7,500 lbs.

Payload capacity (lbs.)

Only Triple motor version of Cybertruck has been included with 3,500 lbs payload capacity in following chart as Tesla hasn’t disclosed information for other models. Ford Ranger has different payload capacity for all versions, SuperCab 4×2 at 1,860 lbs, SuperCrew 4×2 at 1,770 lbs, SuperCab 4×4 at 1,650 lbs and SuperCrew 4×4 at 1,560 lbs.

Cargo capacity (cu. ft.)

All Tesla Cybertruck models have external cargo space of 100 cubic feet while Ranger SuperCab has 51.8 cu. ft. and SuperCrew has 43.3 cu. ft. storage.

Curb weight (lbs.)

Tesla have not given any information on curb weight of its upcoming vehicle, so it has been completely excluded from this infographics. For Ford Ranger, SuperCab 4×4 has 4,145 lbs curb weight, SuperCab 4×2 at 4,232 lbs, SuperCrew 4×4 at 4,354 lbs and SuperCrew 4×2 at 4,441 pounds.

Cargo bed length (in.)

Length of cargo is 78 inches in all Cybertruck versions while for Ranger, its 72.8 inches for SuperCab and 61 inches for SuperCrew version.

Length overall (in.)

Cybertruck is longer with 231.7 inches of overall length while all Ranger trims are 210.8 inches long.

Width overall (in.)

Ford Ranger has 73.3 inches overall width excluding side-mirrors. Cybertruck is 79.8 inches wide.

Price (US Dollars)

All variants of Ranger are cheaper than base model of Cybertruck. Ranger XL price starts at $24,410, XLT at 28,460, Lariat at $32,500. Cybertruck’s base model start from $39,900, then Dual motor for $49,900 and highest Triple motor version at $69,900.


Ford Ranger is definitely a capable truck in its price range, but in comparison to Cybertruck it lags in almost all categories. If you can afford it, then Cybertruck is definitely a better choice, not only in terms of performance and technologies like Autopilot, but also for carbon emissions. Its time to move on to zero emission vehicles for the sake of the environment.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com


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